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Fanfiction Master List


A New Beginning - Complete - PG - Pre-slash Chuck/Bryce

Summary - Chuck had known it was a mistake to take the computer from the sweet looking blonde haired woman.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Changing - Complete - PG-13 - Chuck/Bryce

Summary - Seeing Bryce again rocks Chuck's world. He has no idea that everything is about to change. (Chuck/Bryce)

Chapter 1 -  Alive
Chapter 2 - Thanksgiving
Chapter 3 - Sleepless Night
Chapter 4 - Changes

Coming Soon

Chuck vs. The Wedding Day - WIP

Summary - Chuck, Bryce and Casey get sent to stop a senator's daughter from being kidnapped on her wedding day, where Chuck realises his feelings for Bryce have changed in a dramatic fashion. (Chuck/Bryce)

Chapter 1

Gossip Girl

Blame It On The Drugs - Complete - NC-17 - Dan/Chuck

Summary - Chuck doesn't find Dan's notes after the jail incident and takes him out clubbing. With a little extra help from a white pill, Dan learns the full Bass experience

Blame It On The Drug

Started Off With A Bet - Complete

Summary - Chuck and Dan's bets start to escalate - NC-17 - Dan/Chuck

Started Off With A Bet

The Next Morning - Complete - NC-17 - Dan/Chuck

Summary - Chuck and Dan thought they would leave what happened the night before in the past. They were wrong. Sequel to Blame It On The Drugs

The Next Morning


A Prince's Journey - Complete - PG-13 - Arthur/Merlin

Summary - It may be the end of the line for Sir Kanan, but for his young squire, Arthur, it is only the beginning. Written for the reel_merlin  challenge.

Chapter 1 - Destiny Realized
Chapter 2 - The Old Warlock
Chapter 3 - Ealdor
Chapter 4 - Damaged Armour
Chapter 5 - Merlin
Chapter 6 - The Banquet
Chapter 7 - Camelot
Chapter 8 - The Stocks

Bathing - One-shot - Complete - M - Arthur/Merlin

Summary - Arthur goes searching for Merlin when he takes forever bathing, when he finds him he's shocked at the lust that runs through him. Written in response to a prompt on story_lottery .


Locked - One-Shot - Complete - G - None

Summary - Merlin's locked in the cells. Again. Written in response to a prompt on [info]story_lottery.


Lost in a Maze - One-shot - Complete - PG - Arthur/Merlin

Summary - Merlin and Arthur get lost in a maze. Written in response to a prompt on story_lottery .

Lost in a Maze

My Unicorn
- One-Shot - Complete - PG - Arthur/Merlin

Summary - Merlin leaves for work, only to find an unexpected surprise on his door step. Written for merlinxarthur's fanfic challenge #2.

My Unicorn

Restless Nights
- One-Shot - Complete - NC-17 - Arthur/Merlin

Summary - Written in response to a prompt on kinkme_merlin  # 9 - Arthur/Merlin, Arthur knows about Merlin's magic, but hasn't told Merlin he knows yet. After a sorcerer's been caught and killed, he starts having nightmares about Merlin's execution. And he still can't tell Merlin he knows.

Restless Nights

Stranger Birthday Surprise - Complete - R - Arthur/Merlin

Summary - Written in response to a prompt on kinkme_merlin  # 9 - Normal birthday present does not involve being blind-folded and tied to a bed while some stranger sucks him off, but Merlin is not going to be picky about what he gets, considering what he got Gwen and Morgana for their respective birthdays.

Stranger Birthday Surprise

Wooing His Merlin - One-Shot - Complete - NC-17 - Arthur/Merlin

Summary - Arthur hadn’t realized that becoming King would mean people would start wooing his Merlin. Written for inkstainedmeg  for the gift exchange over on camelots_closet .

Wooing His Merlin


Alternate Beginnings - WIP - NC-17 - Clex

Summary: Lex never came to Smallville. In a Metropolis club a young man catches his eye. Following him he's surprised by a stranger in the alley. (Clex)

Chapter 1 - Dance Club
Chapter 2 - Roadside Meeting
Chapter 3 - Little Vial
Chapter 4 - Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 5 - Fast Revelation
Chapter 6 - The Charity Ball

Darkness and Light - Complete - NC-17 - Clex

Summary - Every day the darkness within Prince Lex grows, slowly stripping away the light and goodness in the young man. When he and his Knights conquer the little village of Smallville, Lex meets a young boy who he instantly feels a connection to. Could Clark be the key in destroying the darkness that grows in the young Prince every day? Will it be in time to stop Lionel from getting Clark and Edge from destroying Lex?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

My Geek - One-Shot - Complete - PG - Clex

Summary -“Did you just call it a souk?” Clark asked, biting his lip as he started to smile. Written for a prompt over on story_lottery

My Geek

One for Dee - One-shot - Complete - G - Pre-slash - Clex

Summary - “Mom, what if part of who Lex is, is because of me? If I gave up on him too soon.” After his talk with his mom, Clark finds a stranger in the barn who helps him to sort out his priorities. Written for enter_tzone  challenge.

One for Dee

Possessed Revelations - One-shot - Complete

Summary: The ghosts of a murder-suicide are haunting Smallville High, the day after interupting the ghosts first re-enactment, Clark and Lex find themselves possessed by the ghosts and reveals to Lex one of Clark's secrets. In response to Spooky Clexmas Challenge over on clexmas 

Possessed Revelations

Possessed Consequences - One-shot - Complete

Summary: Sequel to Possessed Revelations. Lex's reaction to finding out Clark's secrets. (Clex)

Possessed Consequences

Stormy Return - One-Shot - Complete - PG - Clex

Summary - After disappearing for two years, Lex comes back, Clark isn't pleased at first. Written for a prompt over on story_lottery

Stormy Return

Therapy Sessions - Complete - R - Clex

Summary - After another battle, and property damage, Superman and Lex are sent to therapy. Written for clexmas spring fling.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2


Back From The Dead - Complete - PG-13 - Dean/Cas

Summary - John is back from the dead. He's not the only one surprised when he sees Dean again

Back From The Dead

Boundaries - Complete - PG-13 - Dean/Cas

Summary - Dean Winchester was the most … odd, Castiel believed the correct word was, human Castiel had ever been in contact with.


Dragon Wings - One-Shot - Complete - G - None

Summary - Sam discovers that devils being described as dragons is more literal than figurative

Dragon Wings

Don't Underestimate Mother Earth - One-Shot - Complete - PG - None

Summary - Heaven and Hell made one crucial mistake: they picked Earth as their battlefield. Gaia sees all, hears all, and she won't stand aside while those abominations are polluting her very being and destroying her children. Spoiler for 5x19.

Don't Underestimate Mother Earth

Hidden Plans - Complete - G - None - Sequel to Stolen Moments.

Summary - Adam realizes that his mom and John aren't going to introduce him to his brothers. And so takes matters into his own hands. Things don't go the way he'd planned.

Chapter 1- The Perfect Plan?
Chapter 2 - Awed Meeting
Chapter 3 - Short Confession
Chapter 4 - Ghosts Are Real?
Chapter 5 - Short Bonding Session

Lost in Supernatural - WIP - M - None

Summary - Grace Jones knew she was obsessed with Supernatural. Stepping into the world however, she decides that maybe she is more obsessed than she thought. Oh, and crazy. In a similar vain as Lost in Austen. (No pairing. Flirting, but no couples)

Chapter 1 - Crazy Fan Girls
Chapter 2 - Crowley
Chapter 3 - The Colt

“Orange Mocha Frappuccino!”
- Complete - G - None

Summary - Sam regrets introducing Dean to the Zoolander movie

“Orange Mocha Frappuccino!”

Popular Boys - Complete - PG - Dean/Cas

Summary - Dean Winchester was one of the popular crowd. Cas was crazy to even think they would work.

Popular Boys

Sleeping Demons - Complete - PG - None

Summary - Dean gets a detention for sleeping in class.

Sleeping Demons

Stolen Moments - Complete - G - None - Prequel to Hidden Plans

Summary - Adam sees photos of the boys in John's wallet and after John explains who they are, steals one of them.

Stolen Moments

Supernatural the 13th - Complete - G - None

Summary - Chuck starts writing a script for a new Friday the 13th film. It all seems to be going well, until Dean calls.

Supernatural the 13th

Undeniable - Complete - M - Chuck/Becky, Dean/Cas (mentioned)

Summary - Chuck is an open minded guy, alright? But he did NOT just see that. And there is NO WAY he's gonna write it down.



A Different Kind of Kiss - Complete - M - Janto (also a little John/Ianto) - Prequel to The Sleeper and Seduction

- What would've happened if Ianto had heard Jack talking to Gwen. If instead of Gwen going with Hart, Ianto did? And what if Hart decided there was something he wanted more then the Arcadian Diamond?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Agency Blues
- Complete (currently being rewritten)

Summary - After being dumped by Lisa, Ianto joins the Time Agency Academy in the hopes of winning her back. Written from the prompt on reel_torchwood  - Legally Blonde. (Janto)

Chapter 1 - The Breakup
Chapter 2 - The Stranger in the Great Coat
Chapter 3 - Tutoring
Chapter 4 - Practicing and Party Invites
Chapter 5 - Firing Range
Chapter 6 - Myfanwy
Chapter 7 - Confused Hurt
Chapter 8 - Not a Bet
Chapter 9 - Clipped
Chapter 10 - Under Attack
Chapter 10

Candy is Evil - One-shot - Complete

Summary - Jack and the team dress up for Halloween. Response to a prompt on jantoseasonal 

Candy is Evil

Death Repeated - Complete - R - Janto

Summary - Jack can’t tell Ianto he loves him, no matter how many times the day repeats

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Hands and Mouths - One-shot - Complete - MA - Janto

Summary - Jack had noticed Ianto's hands, among other things, when they first met, and they entered his dreams not long after that.

Hands and Mouths

Ianto Said It Was Going To Be Sunny - One-shot - Complete

Summary - Ianto said it was going to be sunny. It wasn't. Response to a prompt on jantoseasonal

Ianto Sait It Was Going To Be Sunny

Just A Sprain - One-shot - Complete

Summary - "We never did finish that discussion in the gym." "Because you made me fall." Response to a prompt on  jantoseasonal

Just A Sprain

Snowy Merry Christmas - One-shot - Complete

Summary - Ianto is worried after a call from Jack telling him to come quickly , when he arrives, however, he's pleasantly surprised. Response to a prompt on jantoseasonal

Snowy Merry Christmas

Valentine's Kiss
- One-shot - Complete

Summary - Jack tried to give Ianto a Valentine Day. The rift had other ideas. - Response to a prompt on jantoseasonal

Valentine's Kiss

The Sleeper and Seduction - WIP - M - Janto (main)

Summary - Jack tries to win back Ianto, but it won't be as easy as he thinks. Especially when Captain John Hart decides he wants the young welshman for himself. Add to that a young woman who might be a sleeper agent and it's going to be a long day. (Janto, also John/Ianto)

Chapter 1 - A Trial Basis
Chapter 2 - The Two Captains
Chapter 3 - Dates
Chapter 4 - Warehouse Surprises
Chapter 5 - Clearing Emotions
Chapter 6 - A Change in the Status Quo
Chapter 7 - Aftermath


Courted By A Vampire - WIP - M - Jacob/Edward

Summary - A series of stories of how Jacob is courted by Edward

1. A Rose
2. Box of Chocolates
3. Romeo's Pause
4. Hateful Gossip
5. Stolen Notebook Invitation
6. Denim Dilemma
7. Really?
8. Just a Glance

Moonlight Hug - One-Shot - Complete - PG - Jacob/Paul

Summary - Jake isn't as good at hiding his feelings as he thinks he is.

Moonlight Hug

Possessive - Complete - NC-17 - Jacob/Paul

Summary - Possessive can be defined as "having or manifesting a desire to control or dominate another, especially in order to limit that person's relationships with others". Paul isn't the only one in La Push who's possessive.

Chapter 1 - Favour
Chapter 2 - Interruptions
Chapter 3 - Shower Dreams
Chapter 4 - Breakfast
Chapter 5 - Dual Jealousy
Chapter 6 - Useless Denial
Chapter 7 - Bonfire
Chapter 8 - Bitten
Chapter 9 - Comfort
Chapter 10 - Uneasy Meeting
Chapter 11 - Attacked
Chapter 12 - Morning Wake-Up Call
Chapter 13 - The Beginning of Change
Chapter 14 - Night-time Vigil
Chapter 15 - Double Imprint
Chapter 16 - Bond Strengthened
Chapter 17 - Missing
Chapter 18 - Kidnapped
Chapter 19 - "You Should Go"
Chapter 20 - Phasing End

- One-shot - Complete - Jacob/Edward

Summary - Jake's trying to study. Edward's staring.


Warmth and Sunlight - One-shot - Complete - Jacob/Paul

Summary - There was only one thing that he could think of that was as warm as the sun and he was currently angry at him.

Warmth and Sunlight



Balloon Bouquet - One-shot - Complete

Summary - A balloon bouquet arrives on Scott's desk, apparently from Logan. Logan points out why he didn't send them. And Kitty and Kurt are in for a surprise. (Scott/Logan)

Balloon Bouquet

Lost - Complete

Summary - A week after the Battle of Alcatraz Jean and the Professor return, but Cyclops remains missing. Logan goes looking for the leader of the X-men. (Scott/Logan)

Chapter 1 - Dead Ends End
Chapter 2 - Drunken Revelations
Chapter 3 - Lose Control
Chapter 4 - A Blunt History
Chapter 5 - Interruptions
Chapter 6 - Arrivals
Chapter 7 - Interrupted Again
Chapter 8 - Night-time Wanderings
Chapter 9 - Field Trip
Chapter 10 - Mine
Chapter 11 - Memories Returned
Chapter 12 - Confrontations
Chapter 13 - Not Lost Anymore

Coming Soon

Taken - WIP

Summary - Four weeks after getting together, Scott and Logan are still learning the changes in their relationship. But a seductive!Jean, an explosion and a kidnapping throws their newly found happiness into chaos. (Scott/Logan)

Chapter 1 - Manipulation



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