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Fic - A Different Kind of Kiss

Title: A Different Kind of Kiss
Chapter: 1/5
Rating - M
Pairing - Janto, John/Ianto (a little), Owen/Tosh
Spoilers - 2x01 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Warnings - OOC (just in case)
Summary - What would've happened if Ianto had heard Jack talking to Gwen. If instead of Gwen going with Hart, Ianto did? And what if Hart decided there was something he wanted more then the Arcadian Diamond?
A/N - So every time I watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I get annoyed by two things. One is that Ianto accepts Jack's date without Jack having to work with it, the other is the Gwen and Jack scene where Jack says that Gwen was the thing that kept him going. I hate it! LOL. So this story was me changing that (sort of) and a way of having Hart in the team, because Hart is awesome (I just love him!)


Chapter 1

“…What kept me fighting was the thought of coming home to you.”

Ianto froze as Jack’s voice floated to him from around the corner. The words’ causing a pain in his heart that he hadn’t realized was possible. Glancing around the corner he saw Jack grab Gwen’s left arm, hand trailing down to her hand. Ianto leant against the wall not hearing the rest of what the two were saying.

He had known, back before Jack had left, that they weren’t serious. Weren’t exclusive. Hell, he had known what Jack was like, what he had been getting himself into when he had started this … dalliance.

“I came back for you …”

It had been stupid of him, but when Jack had said those words, his heart had started racing and, for just a moment, he had let himself hope, that maybe he and Jack could be more than just a shag.

“Jack’s part-time shag …”

Maybe, Owen had it right. He was convenient for Jack. Someone who was there, would always be there, until Jack found someone better. Until he moved on, maybe to someone like Gwen.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Ianto looked up just in time to see Jack kissing Gwen on the cheek. Straightening his tie and running his hands down his jacket he headed back to the others.


Captain John Hart was a lot like Jack. All charm and smiles and good looks, but obviously completely untrustworthy.

“I’ll go with Vera,” Gwen said smiling at Hart.

“No,” Ianto spoke up as Jack and Gwen were about to argue over who was giving orders. Everyone in the room looked at him in shock. Shrugging, he looked at everyone calmly.

“I’ll go with Vera. Give you a chance to talk about the hierarchy around here,” he said, purposefully not looking at the slow smirk that crossed Hart’s face.

“Well, I’m certainly not complaining that Eye Candy wants to show me around,” Hart said, leering at Ianto from his chair. Ianto rolled his eyes and could sense both Gwen and Jack’s anger.

“If you would all excuse us for a minute. I’d like a word with Ianto,” Jack said, something like anger simmering in his eyes,

“Me too,” Gwen added, both of them glaring at him. Ianto shrugged inwardly, today was the straw that had broken the camels back. He was sick of being the last resort for everyone.

“Ooh, let me stay,” Hart said, eyeing the three of them. “It’s been ages since I’ve been able to witness entertainment like this.”

“Out. Now,” Jack snapped, glaring at the smug man. Hart raised an eyebrow before standing up.

“Don’t worry Eye Candy,” he said, smirking at Ianto. “I’ll help you get over the strips they tear off you.”

Ianto ignored the wink that the man sent his way and simply turned to look at the two people glaring at him.

“What do you think you’re doing, Ianto?” Gwen started. “I was going to try and get why he’s really here out of him.”

Ianto inwardly rolled his eyes at the woman who had taken over Torchwood when Jack had left. If she honestly believed she could’ve gotten anything out of the man, she clearly needed to learn how to read people. No way was John Hart going to tell them anything. How long had they all known Jack? And they only knew what Jack wanted them to know about him. No way, in one day, would Hart be spilling his guts to anyone.

“I can do that,” he lied, ignoring the look Jack was giving him. “He clearly isn’t fussy.”

“Leave it to me,” Jack cut in, looking between the two of them. Gwen rolled her eyes and placed her hands down on the table.

“He knows you too well, he’ll never tell you the truth,” Gwen said, looking over at Jack before glaring at Ianto. “And now it’ll have to be Ianto. Otherwise, he’ll wonder why I insisted that I went with him.”

Jack looked out the door, before turning back to Ianto.

“Three rules,” he said, staring into Ianto’s eyes. “One; you don’t believe anything he says. Two; always keep him in front of you and three; never, under any circumstances, let him kiss you.”

“Has it been agreed on then?” Hart called, down the corridor. “Has he got to his ‘no kissing rule’ yet? He only invented that cos he wants me all for himself.”

Ianto didn’t meet his Captain’s eyes as he nodded and walked out of the door. Walking up to Hart he noticed the smirk on the man’s face and just managed to stop the smile that wanted to cross his face in response.

“Need me to kiss anything better?” Hart asked, pushing off the wall.

“In front,” Ianto replied, pointing in front of himself. With his head down, Ianto missed the self-satisfied smirk Hart sent Jack over his shoulder, before turning and leading the way upstairs.

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A/N - So let me know what you thought :)

Tags: fandom: torchwood, fanfic: a different kind of kiss, pairing: jack/ianto, series: torchwood redux

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