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Fic - The Sleeper and Seduction, Chapter 1

Title: The Sleeper and Seduction
Chapter: 1/10
Rating - M
Pairing - Janto (main), John/Ianto (a little)
Spoilers - 2x01 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 2x02 Sleeper
Warnings - OOC (just in case), violence
Summary - Jack tries to win back Ianto, but it won't be as easy as he thinks. Especially when Captain John Hart decides he wants the young welshman for himself. Add to that a young woman who might be a sleeper agent and people from Torchwood One being killed off, and it's going to be a long day. Sequel to 'A Different Kind of Kiss'
A/N - Huge apologies for how long this has taken me to get up. Big Bangs and other plot bunnies kept distracting me from writing this. I'm not too sure about the first few chapters, but I like where the story goes after that. I hope you enjoy :).

Chapter 1
A Trial Basis

The Hub had always been a favourite place of Ianto’s. Ever since he’d started working for Torchwood Three, there was just something about the atmosphere that calmed Ianto. The morning in the Hub before everyone else got there had to be the favourite part of his day, the stillness and quiet of the place before the others messed it up, easing something inside Ianto. He spent most of his time walking around, picking up those little things he’d missed the night before and starting the coffee.

There was something relaxing about making the perfect coffee, something that had always made him feel at peace, like everything was right with the world, at least for a few moments.

After starting the coffee, he made his way down the stairs, noticing one of the artifacts that needed to go to the archives sitting near Tosh’s desk. As he leant down to pick the artifact up, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, a feeling that he was being watched running through him.

Straightening, he looked around raising an eyebrow at the Captain who was sitting at Gwen’s desk, the other man’s eyes running over him, slowly, Ianto noticing that he was also biting his lip.

The team hadn’t had time yesterday to discuss the status of Hart’s request to join the team, the Rift keeping them on their feet the whole day. When they had gotten back to the Hub, Jack had sent them all home, telling them to rest, that they would discuss Hart the next morning.

“Morning, Eye Candy,” Hart said after finishing his slow appraisal of Ianto, swinging his legs down from the desk and walking towards him. “Sleep well?”

“Fine, thank you, Captain,” Ianto replied, picking the artifact up.

“You certainly look it,” Hart murmured, as he stopped just in front of Ianto, leaning closer. “I’m sure I’d look just as fine, if I was sleeping in your bed, instead of the cell that was my accommodation last night.”

“A cell?” he asked, ignoring the man’s earlier comment about his bed and wondering what Hart had done to get himself thrown in a jail cell.

“Yes, it would seem our Jack doesn’t trust me,” Hart answered, hands gripping Ianto’s arms gently, before running down them.

“Really?” Ianto asked, trying to ignore the warmth coming from Hart’s fingers, telling himself that he should move away, that he was only reacting because it had been a long time since he had felt wanted.

“Mmhm,” Hart murmured in agreement, moving even closer, Ianto trying to ignore the tightness in his chest and the increase in his heart rate.

He jumped and turned when the alarms went off, quickly masking his surprise, smiling as the others filed in, all surprisingly early.

“Bloody Harkness,” Owen muttered, as he stomped in, pushing his way between the two of them, making Hart take a step back, Owen glaring at Hart as he did. “Ianto, where’s my coffee?”

Rolling his eyes, Ianto moved away, realizing that Jack must have called everyone to come in early, no doubt, to decide whether Hart would become a part of the team.

“I’m not going back in the cell,” Hart said, as Jack came out from his office, a thoughtful look on his face.

Gwen and Tosh both looked horrified when they realized what Hart was talking about, Owen smiled, sending Jack an approving nod, while Ianto tried to hide a smile at Hart’s and the girl’s faces.

“Jack!” Gwen said, sounding scandalized.

“I wasn’t leaving him alone to wander around the Hub,” Jack replied nonplussed, raising an eyebrow as Gwen crossed her arms and frowned at him.

“I mean it, Jack,” Hart said. “That thing next to me wouldn’t stop wailing.”

“Janet doesn’t wail,” Jack replied, rolling his eyes.

“She bloody well does,” Hart answered, crossing his arms. “All bloody night.”

Jack snorted as he made his way down the stairs, simply raising an eyebrow at the other Captain.

“Jack,” Gwen said, shaking her head. “You can’t keep him locked in a cell.”

“It’s barbaric,” Tosh added.

“See,” Hart said, gesturing towards the girl. “I told you no one else would’ve locked me in there.”

“I would’ve,” Owen replied, crossing his arms and glaring at the man.

Hart rolled his eyes, before his gaze found Ianto’s.

“What about you, Beautiful?” Hart purred, leering towards him.

Snorting quietly, Ianto sent him a look that said he was on his own, before turning and making his way towards the coffee machine, knowing that everyone would be needing one very soon.

He almost jumped when he felt a soft touch on his arm, glancing up to see Jack smiling at him, the look making Ianto’s heart beat a little faster, his chest tightening at the look in Jack’s eyes.

“Morning, Ianto,” he said quietly, before turning back to listen to Gwen and Tosh reprimand him for locking Hart up in the cells, Ianto quickly moving towards the machine.

He could hear the others raised voices as he made the coffee, surprised when Owen’s sounded right behind him.

“And what the hell are you doing, Tea Boy?” he asked, eyebrow raised, his arms crossed over his chest, when Ianto turned to him.

“Making the coffee you so politely asked for,” Ianto replied, before turning and getting back to his task, not surprised when Owen moved further in to the little cubicle.

“You know what I’m talking about, Jones,” Owen said. “They’re both bad news, almost as bad as each other, you ask my opinion. You’d be better off ignoring both of them, yeah?”

Looking up at the wall, Ianto wondered if it was concern he was hearing in Owen’s voice, a part of him trying to figure out why Owen was talking to him about this, before remembering the day he had realized Jack was gone for good and what had happened.

He’d gone along with the team on one of their investigations, chasing the men that they were after when they had run, not listening to the shouts of the others behind him. The men had managed to turn the tables, capturing him, dragging him into a little hut. The others had quickly come to his rescue, but not before the men had managed to do him some damage, the scar on his back reminding him every day of what had happened, and how Owen had helped him, had actually seemed concerned and worried for his welfare, the doctor asking him if he was trying to get himself killed.

“Jack’s my boss,” he replied, handing Owen a mug of coffee, mouth twitching as the doctor let out a satisfied sigh after taking a sip. “And Hart may become one of the team. I can’t ignore either one of them.”

Owen rolled his eyes, taking a step closer.

“You know what I’m talking about,” Owen murmured, concern actually flashing through his dark eyes.

“Are you hogging all the coffee again, Owen?” Tosh asked, appearing behind the doctor, a smile on her face.

“He can try, but he’d never succeed,” Ianto replied, pushing gently past the doctor with the tray of drinks, handing Tosh hers, before making his way down stairs and to the conference room, where Jack and Gwen were still arguing, Hart watching them with an amused look on his face.

He felt both the Captains' eyes move to him as he entered the room, only just managing to stop the blush that wanted to rise to his cheeks as both men continued their appraisal as he made his way into the room.

After handing everyone their coffees, Ianto sat down in his usual seat, Owen and Tosh quickly joining them.

“I think you all know why we’re all here early,” Jack said, looking at them all individually, small smile on his face as he looked at Ianto, before moving on.

“Captain John Hart,” he continued, sending the man a glance that Ianto had never seen before, but one which Hart obviously could read if the smirk that crossed his face was anything to go by. “Would like to become a member of Torchwood. You’ve all had time to think about it and so I think we should vote.”

“I vote yes,” Gwen said, leaning back in her chair, sending a smile towards Hart. “He proved himself trustworthy with the canisters and I think he could be a valuable member to the team.”

“Not just a pretty face,” Hart replied, winking at her.

“Well I think we should send him back from where he came,” Owen said, glaring at the other man and then at Jack. “We’ve got enough members on the team, what with Tea Boy proving himself on your vacation.”

Ianto didn’t miss the way Jack’s face tightened when Owen mentioned his time away or when his eyes glanced quickly at him, before moving to Tosh who was speaking.

“A trial basis,” Tosh said. “We can see if he can work with the team, if he can, then I vote yes, if he can’t, then its no.”

Ianto couldn’t help but smile at Tosh’s answer, the woman always thought everything through, her answers always reflecting wisdom and an opinion that, usually, made the most sense.

This case was no exception.

“And what about you, Gorgeous?” Hart murmured, leaning across the table, his eyes staring at Ianto intensely. “What’s your vote?”

Opening his mouth, Ianto almost jumped when he felt the foot sliding up his leg, catching it as it made its way up his thigh, his eyes flying up to meet the amused one’s of Captain Hart.

“I-I,” he stuttered, pushing Hart’s foot, that had slipped out of his grip and up his leg again, onto the floor and sending the other man a warning look. “I agree with Tosh. A trial period seems the most fair option.”

Looking back over at Jack, Ianto was surprised to see the Captain looking at Hart with a narrowed glare, before turning back to the rest of the table.

“Fine,” Jack said, holding up his hand when Owen started to complain. “A short trial period and then I will decide whether he makes a contribution to the team.”

“Well, then,” Hart said, clapping his hands together, his foot disappearing from where it had been sliding back up Ianto’s leg. “Want to show me around, Ianto?”

Ianto rolled his eyes, unable to keep the smile off his face at the flirtatious look on Hart’s face.

“No,” Jack replied, staring hard at Hart. “I want a word with you.”

“It’s alright,” Hart said, shrugging as everyone started to leave the room. “Eye Candy can just show me around later.”

Hart winked at him as he left, Ianto shaking his head. He might not trust Hart, but the man looked like he would be fun to have around.


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A/N - Not much Janto in this chapter, sorry. I just couldn't resist having more Hart (he's a lot of fun to write). It is coming though, so hang in there. As always let me know what you thought :).
Tags: fandom: torchwood, pairing: jack/ianto, rating: r, series: torchwood redux

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