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Title: The Ninth
Author: twilighthdfan
Artist: ladytiferet
Pairings: Esca/Marcus
Rating: M-MA
Warnings: (somewhat) graphic violence, gang references
Author's Note: So I can only hope that this story does justice to the awesome artwork that ladytiferetdid. I absolutely loved it and the summary, so *fingers crossed* you like this as much :). Also big thanks to my beta arna12, who hadn't actually watched the movie until she read this, and then watched it so that she could understand the characters and then fell in love with the pairing! Any mistakes are probably from me adding things in after I got it back. And go check out the artwork! It's so awesome!
Summary: Modern AU. Esca’s a PI, a decent one, who just happens to have picked up two old time gangsters who’ve decided that their lot in ghostly life is to help Esca solve cases. They have their uses, sure, but it's really hard to explain the knowledge of all the gruesome details to Detective Aquila when he once again finds him at a crime scene.


Fic - Wrath of Magic (1/4)

Title: Wrath of Magic
Rating: R
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, Morgana/Leon, hints of Gwen/Lance
Warnings: violence, blood, magic, supernatural themes
Word Count: 30,439 (*only just made it*)
Summary: Modern AU. Arthur Pendragon has hunted the creatures that lurked in the dark since he was old enough to hold a weapon. But when his father’s friend’s daughter, Sophia, goes missing, and he meets an odd Doctor called Merlin, who he can’t get out of his mind, he and his band of hunters, the Knights, will learn that not every creature is as dark as they thought. Will Arthur be able to figure it all out before the wrath of magic is released?
A/N: A huge, huge thank you to jelazakazonefor the awesome beta'ing and arna12 for jumping in at the end. Huge thanks to  lillithblack for the awesome, awesome artwork. I can't believe I actually finished! Woo! Big thanks to the_muppetfor organising the BB. And I will be posting this on AO3 soon (once my computer starts co-operating ;))


Chapter 1Collapse )


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